PHASE 4 FILMS (2010)

Starring: Bob Morley, Sophie Lowe, Georgina Haig, Xavier Samuel, David Argue & more.

ROADKILL is an Australian Horror film about four friends who are camping in the outback. They
are driving down the road a huge tractor trailer runs up on them. In Australia they call them road
trains, which was the original title of this film. The truck rides right up on them and then proceeds to
run them off the road. The vehicle they are in flips a few times and then comes to a stand still. Once
everyone comes to they all get out of the vehicle. One of the guys in the car broke his arm, while
everyone else is just beat up. They look around for any other vehicles for some help. They see down
the road that the road train has stopped. Two of them decide to go check out the vehicle and find the
driver. Once they git there they can't find the driver anywhere. They then decide to hijack the truck
and this is when things get strange. They all start acting really weird and doing bizarre things. The
truck is pure evil and contains something inside it that makes others do some evil and crazy things.
The film is more of a psychological thriller rather than an all out Horror film, but it does have some of
those crazy and bloody Horror elements. Well, worth checking out, especially if you dig foreign
Horror films.