ROUTE 666 (R)

Starring: Lou Diamond Phillips, Lori Petty, Steven Williams, L.Q. Jones, Dale Midkiff & more.

A mob informant is hiding out in Arizona after escaping a government witness protection program.
Lori Petty & Lou Diamond Phillips are a pair of federal agents who are after the man. Also on the
mans trail is the mob men he has turned on. They must travel along the dangerous and devilish
abandoned highway of
ROUTE 666. They try to stay alive while trying to return the man to safety.
They are now battling mafia hit men & a horde of gruesome zombies. This was more of an action
film that had Zombies in it. I liked this film a lot and thought it was done really well. The Zombies
weren't that scary, because of them being in the sun light, but it was still killer. I am also a huge fan
of Lori Petty and have always enjoyed everything she was in. A different and cool twist on the
Zombie genre!!!