Starring: Kim Johnston Ulrich, Tommy Blaze, Allyce Beasley, Max Grodénchik & more.

This story follows the story of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales with some twists. This story starts
out back in the olden days when the story was first written about a troll like creature called
RUMPELSTILTSKIN who to survive needs to steal the souls of infants. As long as he keeps
feeding on these infants he will live on. The only thing that will stop him is if someone can figure out
his name and say it out loud. This happens and for years he is not seen or heard from. Fast forward
to the present day when a young woman finds a jade figurine in a shop. She purchases it and
eventually the demon is released. She is a widow of a police officer and has a young baby. Of course
RUMPELSTILTSKIN, kidnaps the baby and needs to eat it's soul. The woman does what ever she
can to try and get her baby back. The funny thing about watching this film now is that it felt like I
was watching a film from the '80's even though this was done in the mid '90's. It was very low budget,
no real special effects and the character of
RUMPELSTILTSKIN looked like someone in a costume,
rather than make up. The cool thing was the new modern twist on a creepy old tale.