Starring: Yeo-Reum Han, Ji-Min Kwak, Eol Lee, Kwon Hyun-Min, Oh Young & more.

Two young girls want to go to Europe in the summer, but have no money to do so. They get a
great idea of sleeping with men for money. The one girl sleeps with the men, while the other
manages her affairs. Everything is going well, until they get busted by the police. The one girl
jumps from the window & lands on her head on the ground. She eventually dies & her friend goes
a little wacky in the head. She wants to return all the money to the men, but she sleeps with them
first, then returns their money. Her father finds out & goes after each of the men & beats the shit
out of them. There were some slow parts in the film, but for the most part it was interesting!