Starring: Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss, Jeffrey Tambor, Severn Darden, Kari Michaelsen & more.

SATURDAY THE 14TH is not really a Horror film, but more of a spoof of Horror flicks. The title is
definitely a take on the
FRIDAY THE 13TH series, but the film really has nothing to do with the film.
A family moves into a deceased uncle's house the inherited. Once they move in the kids start exploring
the house. The son comes across an ancient book of evil and of course opens and reads from the book.
This then releases all sorts of evil Monsters, Demons and Creatures. The Creatures create a lot of chaos
and havoc for the family and anyone who enters the house. A Vampire couple are trying to get rid of the
family and take over the house. There is a lot of comedic goofy parts and stuff that parodies a lot of
other Horror films from The 70's & 80's. The film also has the great actor Jeffrey Tambor in it who has
been in numerous films but my favorite was as the father in the TV show