Starring: Kristina Copeland, Zoran Vukelic, Steven Man, Matthew Turner, Hannah Lando & more.

A young couple, Julia & Steven are have some marital problems and decide to spend a weekend
visiting her family on a remote island where they live. Julia's pothead brother meets them at the docks
to pick them up and take them to their parents house. Along the way he starts messing around while
driving the back woods roads to try and scare his sister & her husband. He ends up hitting something in
the road. They get out of the truck to find out what they hit, which they think is an animal. They soon
discover that they have hit and killed the youngest son of the Savage family, the only other family that
lives on the island. They decide to bury the boy and not say anything. Well, the family finds out and
comes after the Young family. The parents don't know anything that is going on, but they know they
need to protect their family. The Savage family are a bunch of hillbilly rednecks that will do anything
they want. They want to capture the daughter Julia, because she is pregnant and they want to keep her
unborn child, for what they did to their son. This was a very low budget Horror flick that didn't really
have any scares, but was kind of creepy because of the sick inbred hillbilly family and some of the
twisted things that they do. It's very little on the gore, story and acting, but it was still a decent
independent Horror flick. Most die hard Horror hounds will enjoy this movie.