Starring: Tim Young, Todd Rex, Tiffany Shepis, Jen Ricjey, Roxanna Bina & more.

Lester is a teenage boy who is constantly being bullied by everyone including his mother's boy
friend. One night at a party he is picked on again and he finally snaps. When he goes home takes his
frustration out on his mother's boy friend. During the fight Lester is brutally beaten and eventually
killed. The boy friend tries to make it look like someone else did and hangs the body from a tree in a
corn field. His spirit has lived on and has taken form of the scarecrow that resided in the cornfield.
He is now back and is seeking revenge on all those who made his life miserable. This was a very
low budget flick, but still had some kind of cool scenes, with some good blood & gore with a decent
looking killer Scarecrow creature.