Starring: Vincent Russo, Michael Gordon, Marie Scinto, Robin Bailey, Ann Lynn and more.

SCREAMTIME is an anthology type Horror film that is done in the vein of CREEPSHOW, except
this isn't nearly as good. The film follows two punks who steal movies from a video store. These
movies are the ones that make up the anthology. The first story is "That's The Way To Do It" about
a puppeteer who's family doesn't appreciate what he does. They think he is silly for playing with
puppets. They continue to pick on him and make fun of him. This is where the puppets take their
revenge and they start killing of the family and friends. This is done kind of in the vein of the
PUPPET MASTER films, but no where near as good. The second story is "Dreamhouse" about a
couple that moves into their dream home. Once there the wife starts seeing things and hearing stuff,
but the husband doesn't. Is the house haunted or is the wife crazy? This story is more about the scare
factory rather than blood and gore. The last story is called "Do You Believe In Fairies?" and is about a
dirt bike rider who needs to make some extra cash. He takes a part time job at an old folks home doing
yard work. They want him to respect the fairies and garden gnomes, but he doesn't. You can kind of
guess what happens next. This film was a bit cheesy, but it's great '80's Horror cheese. If you dig the
CREEPSHOW films and TALES FROM THE CRYPT then you'll probably dig this film.