Starring: Jason Behr, Emma Catherwood, Joe Ferrara, Jacques Kerr, Helen Mallon & more.

SENSELESS is a hard film to categorize, because it's not a straight up Horror or just a Thriller, it
kind of messes with your mind and makes you think a little. Elliot Gast is an ambitious business man
that is kidnapped and taking to an undisclosed place. He is held captive and tortured for his crimes he
unknowingly committed. His captors keep him locked in a room with only a bed and a few other
things. They keep entering the room wearing masks to conceal their identities and asking him about
the things he's done. We find out about those things through flashbacks of him remembering. They
continue to torture him by taking away his senses. They do some sick and disturbing things, but the
one thing is that they are filming everything and streaming it live on the Internet for paid viewers. The
film has two meanings in the title which is the senseless violence they do taking away all his senses
leaving him senseless. The film is a bit slow in certain spots and there isn't much going besides the
tortures, but the suspense alone to see what they do next is what keeps you watching. If you were to
mix elements of the
SAW franchise with touches of OLDBOY, but not as good as either films.