Starring: Bradley Bates, Sergio Cantu, Will Scoville, Amanda Nutting, Chris Patrie & more.

This is the "third" installment in the
SERIAL RABBIT film series. In this film SERIAL RABBIT is
back and on a new killing spree just days before Christmas. Wait, what? Yes a killer rabbit! Well,
actually it's a man dressed in a rabbit costume killing people. His main way of offing his victims is with
WOLVERINE from THE X-MEN style bladed claw. If you took away the killing scenes this would
probably be considered a straight up comedy or parody film. The characters in the film even go as far as
mentioning the bad things going on in the film and script. This was set out to be a bad parody Horror
movie mixed with a comical twist. I mean, come on, look at the title of the film. How can you go into a
film like this and not expect it to be campy and cheesy. This was almost like a
TROMA film, just with
absolutely no money. This looks like a bunch of friends shot this for fun. Some of the death scenes were
decent, but they all come out as being comical because it's a guy in a bunny rabbit costume. The actors
are so over the top, but they are supposed to be. They break character several times to mention how bad
a film this movie is, or talk to the director, or make fun of the editor & even mention about the cameras
in their face. This is very bad done bad to be bad, but it's done right. Go into watching this film for pure
fun and enjoyment. Leave your brain at the door and just sit back and enjoy!