IFC FILMS (2009)

Starring: Jake Muxworthy, Karina Testa, Nuot Arquint, Chris Coppola, Ottaviano Blitch & more.

SHADOW is one hell of a great find. This is one of the better Horror flicks I have seen in a long time.
The film was very well written, directed and acted. The film follows an American war veteran who
goes on a European camping and biking expedition. Along the way to his destination he stops in at a
local pub for a drink. There he meets a girl there who is also on a biking expedition. They hit it off very
well and decided to head out together. They run into some nasty locals along the way who try to start a
confrontation. They leave the situation and think everything is fine until the locals show up again. They
start chasing the two and they get on their bikes to escape. The chase continues on and a lot of tension
builds as your praying for the two to escape. They do, but fall into the clutches of something worst.
There is a freak mutant that lives in an isolated house in the woods. He captures them and tortures
them. He also catches the local hunters and proceeds to torture them as well. There is a surprise twist at
the end that no one ever really sees coming. Very well done movie, with a great story. In no way your
typical Horror flick!!!