Starring: James Marsters, Tony Todd, Marc Winnick, Natasha Alam, Diahnna Nicole Baxter.

James Marsters stars in this creepy super natural Horror flick. He is one of eight people who have
been captured and awaken in an abandoned asylum. They don't have any clue where they are or
who they are. They roam the asylum meeting up with more people until all eight are together. They
are trying to find a way out of the asylum, but soon find out there is something hunting them. There
is a creature that lurks within the shadows and starts killing the captured people one by one. This
was a little slow at first, but made you feel like you were trapped along with them. The suspense
was intense at times, which keeps you watching and waiting to see who would be the next victim.
Horror icon Tony Todd also stars in this flick!