Starring: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, Katharine McPhee, Joel David Moore & more.

Here's yet another killer shark movie for all you Horror fans out there. It's not the most original of
Horror flicks, but there are very few out there that are anymore. A group of young adults head out to a
vacation home on the lake. They go for boat rides, jet skiing, water skiing and plan old swims. One of
the friends gets killed off while water skiing and gets attacked by a shark. They get him back to the
vacation house where he has lost a limb. Two of the friends decided to take a boat and go get help.
They tell everyone to stay out of the water, but of course that doesn't happen, because this is a Horror
flick. Two of them hitch rides with local rednecks to go find help while others go off on jet skis There
is a lot of the typical, stupid decision making by people in Horror films, but there was kind of a twist
at the end to explain why the waters were infested by sharks. This reminded me of one of the killer
creature films that is shown on the Sy-Fy channel, but with a much bigger budget and lots more gore. I
love these killer creature films and this is one of the better one's in the past few years. It was kind of a
mix between
JAWS, PIRANHA & DEEP BLUE SEA, just with more sharks.