Starring: Peter Cushing, Brooke Adams, Fred Buch, Jack Davidson, Luke Halpin & more.

SHOCK WAVES is one of those cult Horror flicks from the 1970's that I unfortunately haven't seen
until now. It is one of those Zombie flicks that I have heard so much about and finally have gotten to
see it. During the dark days of World War II the Nazi high commanders have ordered their scientists to
create a Death Corps. This Death Corps is made up of Zombie soldiers who can handle anything that
comes at them. Well, they were never captured during the war and have some how survived. They have
once again risen and are invading the coast of Florida. The people of this small town are now under
attack by these blood thirsty Zombie storm troopers. I am a huge fan of Zombie flicks and after
viewing this film I fully understand why this is a cult classic film. Tons of Zombies galore. This is a
creepy and eerie slow moving atmospheric low budget Zombie masterpiece!