Starring: Libby Brien, Dollaros Dachapratumwan, Philip Hersh, Wicjan Jarujinda & more.

This is a bizarre Japanese Horror flick about 6 nurses & a doctor who get brutally slain. They are
stalked by a vengeful spirit who kills them all off in bloody & deranged ways. The nurses & doctors
were illegally harvesting body parts to sell on the black market. One of the other nurses found out &
threatened to squeal to the law if they didn't stop. They didn't want to stop, so they decided to stop
her. They put her on the table & carved her up to keep her quiet. She curses them as they are killing
her & shortly after is when her spirit rises from the grave & comes after them all. There are a lot of
very cool Japanese Horror films out there & this is definitely at the top of the list! Check it out!