Starring: J.D. Hart, Toni Robider, Dana Poulson, J.R. Reynolds, Elizabeth Bailey & more.

SIDE SHO is a low budget Horror flick, that doesn't show us anything we haven't seen before, but
that's OK when it's something we want to see again and again. A family is driving down a back road
when they stop at a small gas station. Once inside they see a bunch of photos of an old Side Show.
They ask the old lady behind the counter about it and she tells them where to find it, but she also warns
them of the dangers of going there. They of course do not heed her warning and head out there any way.
Once they arrive there they see that it is a really run down place that looks to be abandoned. They start
looking around when they are approached by the ring leader of the side show. He is a creepy old man
that invites them in to see the attractions. Once inside they get creeped out and leave in a hurry. A few
miles down the road their car breaks down and they hold up in an abandoned cabin they find in the
woods. Soon as nightfall comes they start getting attacked and kidnapped by the inbreed family that
runs the side show. The family is a bunch of creepy backwoods rednecks some what like the ones in the
WRONG TURN films. Some of the family members escape and tempt to rescue the others, all while
fighting off and killing the redneck family. This was a low budget film, but was done pretty well with a
few cool death scenes and a lot of creepiness. As said above, there is nothing new here that we haven't
seen before, but who cares, it's still a killer movie!