Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese, Eric Sheffer Stevens, Julia Taylor Ross & more.

SILENT HOUSE is based off of the Uruguayan film LA CASA MUDA, which means THE SILENT
. The film comes from the producers of OPEN WATER. If you didn't like that film don't let
that steer you away from this one. Sarah goes with her father and uncle to repair their summer home
because it is being sold. While they are there Sarah starts exploring the home and starts hearing noises.
She starts to investigate what is inside the house and soon realizes that she should have never messed
with it. She meets a young girl who she used to play with when she was little, but Sarah doesn't
remember her. She starts thinking people are in the house and starts searching for them. Her and her
father are soon attacked by some one or something. They both need to do what they can to survive, but
she soon realizes that there is something more going on here. This is a creepy suspenseful thriller that
has a lot of high tension situations. I am not really a huge fan of ghost stories, but I really enjoyed this
film a lot. It was dark and creepy and really kept me on edge waiting to see what was going to happen
next and how this whole thing was going to turn out! I have seen Elizabeth Olsen in a few films now
and she has been very believable in every role and is an amazing young actress that should become a
huge star in the future. She is way better than both her sisters and look how big they became.