Starring: Melissa Bacelar, Jack Dillon, Joshua Nelson, Alan Rowe Kelly, Jeanette Bonner & more.

A socially awkward man named Jeffrey, has a thing for prostitutes. After he hires one prostitute named
Pandora, he quickly falls in love with her. Much to his surprise she soon returns the feelings and starts
to fall in love with him. He soon finds out that she has a horrific secret. She likes to skin alive her johns
after she sleeps with them. She then reveals to him that she is also into cannibalism and will eat the
people she has skinned. As he falls deeper in love with her he starts to join her in her special activities.
While all this is going on there is a lunatic who had survived one of her encounters after them and
wants to kill her. This was a very low budget film, but had a decent story and a lot of gore!