Starring: Crystal Bernard, Kimberly McArthur, Patrick Lowe, Juliette Cumming & more.

This movie follows the young girl who lived across the street in the first film. She is now all grown
up & has a band with some other girls in her school. They go to stay at the one girls fathers new
condo for the weekend & practice, party & more. The one girl keeps having nightmares of a killer
with a drill on the end of a guitar. Her dreams eventually come true & the killer starts attacking,
mutilating & killing all of her friends. The acting was really bad, as well as the story & special
effects. The killer was really lame & looked like a bad cross between Elvis & Andrew Dice Clay.
This one added in some comedy with the horror, but it wasn't funny at all. The original was a little
better than this sequel. You get to see Crystal Bernard (of
WINGS) in one of first roles!!!