LEVEL 10 FILMS (2012)

Starring: Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson, Andrew James Allen, Keith David & more.

Ashley is a young teen who off to college. Once she gets there she meets a new group of friends. She
gets along with everyone all right, but they notice something about her. She is a bit high strung and
stressed out all the time. They soon find out that she is struggling to get over her mothers recent
death. As time goes on, they soon realize how fragile she is. One night after they are all hanging out
they tell her of the urban legend of "Smiley". He is a serial killer who wears a mask that has carved
up and stitched eye holes and mouth. They tell her he can be summoned through a website after
typing in "I did it for the lulz" three times. One night at a party Ashley and her roommate decide to
test if it's real. She starts to go a bit crazy and starts seeing Smiley everywhere. How can she see him,
unless she has unleashed from the Internet. All her friends are starting to get killed off or is it all in
her head? Everyone things she is going a bit crazy and is just stressed out from her mothers death and
from college. Even the police don't believe what she is saying. This was a decent film, but I was able
to figure it out pretty quickly. There are some cool death scenes and the Smiley mask is very, very
creepy. If you were to mix
SCREAM with FEARDOT.COM and the concept of CANDYMAN or
BLOODY MARY you'd get some idea of what this film is about!