Starring: Noah Segan, Andrea Rueda, Ezra Buzzington, Elina Madison, Jon Budinoff & more.

SOMEONE'S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR is a very low budget, artistically done Horror flick. It
follows a bunch of outrageous serial killers who return to a medical school where they were used as
test subject years earlier. After one of their friends, who is a male is brutally raped, his friends decide
to investigate what happened to him. They later engage in hallucinogenic drugs and start to have some
far out bizarre experiences. They are being hunted down and brutally killed off in some sick, bloody
and sexually degrading ways. This film will not be for the everyday Horror fan, but for the true die
hard Horror fans. There is a lot of intense and very graphic sexual and gorerific scenes that only true
Horror fans can handle. The killers are pretty disgusting and sickly looking and are mostly naked.
They keep trying to impale their victims with their giant phallus in mostly a blow job fashion. This is
done in the style of most
TROMA type Horror films mixed with John Waters type sleaze. This is not
for the weak at heart and only die hard Horror fans should watch this to truly appreciate the artistic
styles and of course the gore, blood and disgusting mess this film has to offer.