Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Peter MacNeill, Brendan Beiser, Natalie Brown, Gordon Tanner & more.

This film is yet another SyFy Channel movie and stars Kevin Sorbo. The film is about a killer black
slime that oozes up from the sewers under neath a convention center. The convention center is
holding an environmental convention. The ooze seeps up from the pipes and drains into the
convention center halls and starts engulfing the people inside. The people inside that come in contact
with the stuff start having horrific hallucinations of nightmarish events. Kevin Sorbo plays a priest
who teams up with the convention coordinator named Khali to try and find a way to survive this  
black gooey mess. The movie drags on a lot and has no real interesting stars other than Kevin Sorbo
HERCULES fame. There is a reveal at the end of where the black slime is coming from and it
is not what you'd expect, or is it? This film is more of a suspense thriller instead of an all out Horror
flick. If you got some time to waste and just want to watch something check this out, but there is
plenty of other good films out there worth watching more.