Starring: Teri Andreejewsky, Adam Berry, Megan Wolfly, Robert Belushi, Rummer Willis & more.

This is a remake of the 1970's film
HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. The film is about a group of
sorority sisters who play a prank on one of the other sisters. When the prank goes horribly bad the
girl ends up dead. The rest of the girls decide to keep it a secret and dump the girls body. A few
years later when the girls about to graduate someone reveals they know what happens. They keep
giving away clues and hints to who it might be, but as each person gets close to finding out who it is
they end up dead themselves. This was a decent remake with it being more updated and not as
annoying as the original, but it had the feel of another teen Horror flick and none of the feel of the
70's version. One of the better remakes out there today, where it comes off better than the original.