Starring:  Stephanie Niznik, Richard Moll, Greg Cromer, Daniel Quinn, Yuri Safchev & more.

Jason & Alexandra are a young couple out on their boat in the middle of the ocean, when it suddenly
breaks down. They are spotted by a large boat liner that stops and rescues them. The couple is greeted
by the captain and his crew with open arms. They are treated very nicely and welcomed on the ship.
They are taken on a tour of the ship but told not to go into any restricted areas. There is a doctor /
scientist aboard the ship who wants to examine the couple and make sure they are OK. They agree to
the examinations, but are taken to separate rooms. Once there the doctor injects them with some sort of
drug that makes them a little drowsy and so they really can't function. After a few of these treatments
the couple, especially Jason start to get suspicious of what is really going happening on the ship. They
start to explore the ship of their own and realize the ship is not as it seems. The ship is actually a
floating laboratory for the scientist for his new experiment. He is breeding some new and vicious forms
of spiders and he uses the human body as the host for the spiders. The couple are soon to become the
new hosts if they can't find a way to escape. There is a giant spider that is the breeder of all the others
and is soon loose and going after everyone on the ship. This is another one of those 50's type creature
films where the giant creatures get loose and kill everyone from a science experiment gone wrong. If
you like films like this, your gonna love this film, if you don't then you'll find this to be a little cheesy.
The special effects were actually pretty decent and the film reminded me of a better version of most of
the films they show on the Sy-Fy channel! The film stars Richard Moll, who starred as Bull on the TV