Starring: Mark Alen, Corey Feldman, Tara Leigh, Stuart Pankin, Tony Todd & more.

This is a twenty nine minute short web film done by Roger Cormen. The film is about a super rich &
famous Rock star played by Corey Feldmen. He invites a group of supposed friends to his mansion
home where they are played a video. The video is of Corey Feldmen committing suicide by a bullet
through the head. Some how he has come back from beyond the grave to torment and kill the people
in his life. This is because the way they just suck off his lifestyle and used him. As each one is about
to be killed it is revealed what each is guilty of. This was better than I expected it to be, because I
can't stand Corey Feldman and his acting is horrible. Everyone else in the film was pretty decent and
it was done by Roger Corman & also starred Horror legend Tony Todd.