Starring: Stephen Walters, Holly Weston, Sacha Dhawan, Sadie Pickering, Jonathan Readwin & more.

SPLINTERED is a U.K. Horror film that follows Sophie and her friends as they go camping in the
woods of Wales. While there they go searching for a legend of a beast that is hunting and killing people
in the area. Sophie and one of her friends hear noises so they go searching for what ever it is. They
come upon an abandoned estate and start to search the building. We all know what is about to happen
next. The two girls get captured by something and then everything goes black. Sophie soon wakes up to
find herself trapped in some room. She searches for a way out and soon discovers a little sliding cover
on the door. She proceeds to get the door unlocked and tries to escape. At this point her other friends
have happened upon the estate in search of her. They are trying to find her in the building while she is
attempting to get out. All the while they are all being hunted by someone or something. This was a
really good suspenseful Horror film, that really kept you guessing along the way and hoping for Sophie
to find her freedom. There was a little twist on who or what the killer was too. I love Horror films from
other countries because most of them are more original and have better story lines than the majority of
the stuff pump out of American cinema. The film had a creepy, scary claustrophobic feel of films like
CAPTIVITY, SAW, some of the WRONG TURN films & THE COTTAGE. Check this film out,
because it is a lot better than it has been giving credit for.