Starring: Noel Clarke, Colin O'Donoghue, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Laura Haddock & more.

A military plane over London crashes and leaves it's highly classified cargo strewn across the city.
Not knowing of this crash is a group of friends who are out on the town stop at one of their storage
units on the way. The city becomes on lock down and the friends get locked within the storage
facility. As they try to find a way to break out of the storage facility they all start to breakdown
themselves and their true personalities and secrets are revealed. They also discover they are trapped
in the facility with a massive creature that is on the hunt. They all try to find ways to survive and
escape all while they are being hunted down by this creature. As they come face to face with the
creature they soon discover that the government has been hiding some alien creatures from the public.
The creature starts to devouring and kill all the humans in his path. This was a very low budget
Horror / Sci-Fi film that had a feel of a little known film called
ALIEN. The alien creature also had a
feel and look similar to that of the
ALIEN franchise. I don't think they intentionally were trying to rip
off those films, but who cares. You could add in some touches of the film
DISTRICT 9 as well. This
is a cool flick that is done right and really mad you feel the claustrophobic feel and intensity of being
locked in such a small place and being hunted down by a killer alien creature. The title of this film
doesn't really give the correct attention it deserves. Every fan of Sci-Fi / Horror films should check out
this little B-Movie gem!