Starring: Ben Sheppard, Daniel Baldwin, Gilbert Gottfried, Lloyd Kaufman, Linnea Ouigly, & more.

This film is basically a parody Horror / Comedy of another Horror / Comedy film, the great movie
ZOMBIELAND! The film is about four people who find each other during a Zombie apocalypse, but
not your typical Zombie apocalypse, these Zombies are all strippers. The film follows the group as
they go through super markets, road side stores and even a strip club. The Zombies in this flick are a
bit cheesy and the make up effects are not that great. The girls playing the Zombie strippers were
bad, but it was still enjoyable. It was one of those films that was so bad it becomes some what good.
This is one of those films, especially if you already saw
ZOMBIELAND, so you make all the
comparisons. If you want to kill an hour or two on some mindless pointless and enjoyable blood,
gore, nudity and fun then
STRIPPERLAND is the film for you. It's exactly what you would expect
from a movie with this name.