Starring: Julie Strain, Lloyd Kaufman, Kevin Eastman, Debbie Rochon, Ron Jeremy & more.

This is a film that could only come from
TROMA. This is actually two films that were in
production at the same time. One is about a mantis bug that crashes on earth & needs to go in hiding
& becomes a stripper. In the second film 2 friends try to raise money for their buddy to get him into
college. The way they decide to do this is by having a stripper party. Little do they know, that the
strippers they have hired are lesbians vampires. Once they get to the party they kill every person at
the party. This film was very bad, but did have some good gore parts in it. You may like it if you
are a die hard
TROMA fan & just to see the beautiful Julie Strain. If not, you have been warned!!!
You have been warned!!!