Starring: Deborah Harry, Matthew Lawrence, Christian Slater, Steve Buscemi & more.

This Movie follows the TV series from 1983 of the same name. The film is done as an anthology type
story with three short stories and a fourth wrap around story. The film reminded me a little of the
CREEPSHOW films, which doesn't surprise me because Stephen King & George A Romero are tied
to both films. The film is about a woman who is preparing to cook and eat her paperboy. As she is
preparing to do so they tell some stories. The first story is entitled "Lot 249", which is about two
guys in an apartment building that don't like each other. The tough guy played by Christian Slater is
being attacked by the nerd guy from upstairs play by Steve Buscemi. The story is a little slow at
times, but has a little gore in it and a twist ending. The second story is "The Cat From Hell" about a
killer cat that leaves a body count in it's wake. A dying CEO of a drug company hires a hit man to get
rid of the deadly cat. Most of the short is shot from the cats point of view. It was a decent short again
with a good ending. "Lover's Vow" is the third short in the film. It's about a starving artists who trades
secrecy for his success. This was my least favorite of the three, because it was kind of slow and not
much happened, plus the ending was kind of obvious. The wrap around story has Deborah Harry from
BLONDIE in it as the crazy lady who wanted to cook and eat the paperboy. The film was a decent
continuation of the TV show, but I prefer the
CREEPSHOW films much better!