Starring: Alexandra Daddario, Dan Yeager, Trey Songz, Scott Eastwood, Tania Raymonde & more.

When this film first came out is was mistaking as another remake of the 1974 classic, but it really isn't.
The film takes of kind of where the original left off. They start the film with the ending of the original
film and then fast forwards to present day time. Heather (Alexandria Daddario) gets a notice that she
has been left an inheritance. She must head to a small town in Texas to retrieve the inheritance, which
is actually the huge house of her grand mother. She takes a few friends with her as they must roam
through the house to see what they need to do with the house. Shortly later, they unfortunately
discover there was something, or someone left behind. There is a hidden  room in the basement where
Leatherface was hiding. He eventually makes his presence known and starts taking out everyone in the
house as well as some others in the town. There were some new and interesting kills, lots of blood and
gore as well as a decent story. The film was done in a modern Horror film way, but it still held some
of the flare of the original. It was a different take on the legendary killer, but it was done some what
decent. I went into this film expecting to hate this film, but ended up really digging it. I will always
have a huge spot for the original in my heart, but I am not one of those who are always stuck in the
past and not accepting of new twists on the old. I really enjoyed the twist ending on this new film and
actually hope they continue where this one ended. I would prefer Leatherface to live on through new
generations then die in the past, but obviously you can't kill a legend!