Starring: Matt Damon, Heath ledger, Lena Headey, Monica Bellucci, Peter Stormare & more.

I was quite anxious to check out this movie. I'm a big fan of their stories, because they are dark &
twisted, unlike most of the Disney versions. The movie starts out with the brothers listening to
people of a small town talking of a witch that is haunting the village. They take lots of notes &
inform them of what they will do & how much it will cost them. After they defeat the witch it is
revealed that it's a set up by them & their friends. They continue to move from town to town doing
this with each new folklore they discover, until they find themselves in the middle of a real fairy tale.
There is a lot of cool special effects & a great story that mixes little bits of all their stories into one.
There is some really good action & comedy parts as well. This is a good flick, especially for fans who
know their stories!!!