Starring: Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Christopher McDonald, Lee Tergesen Andre Royo & more.

THE COLLECTION is the sequel to the film THE COLLECTOR. The film is about a serial killer
who collects humans for his collection. He hunts down and kidnaps people and keeps them in a huge
trunk. He takes them back to his house of horrors and does what he wants to them and adds them to
his collection. In this sequel the killer sets up some traps in a secret underground club and once the
kids are in and having a good time the traps start. Almost everyone is killed except for one of the girls
who escapes, but then is eventually caught. Her father wants to do what ever he can to get her back.
The FBI who are tracking this killer enlist the only person to ever escape his lair of death. They use
this guy to take them to the abandoned warehouse where he keeps his collection. Along the way the
girl eventually breaks free and needs to find a way top escape the building, while the group of men are
searching for her. The warehouse is set up with a ton of deadly traps and they must try to avoid them
or make it through them. The film is really good and reminded me of a mix between the
films and the SAW franchise. This doesn't surprise me though cause it was made by the
producers of the
SAW franchise. This is a killer film with a lot of action, gore and suspense. Some of
it was unrealistic, but who cares, it's a Horror film, not reality! A very good serial killer film with a lot
of intelligence. If you like the
SAW franchise, then you'll love this film.