Starring: Lane Carroll, Will MacMillion, Harold Wayne Jones, Lloyd Hollar, Lynn Lowry & more.

In this George Romero flick a government plane crashes in a hidden lake in a small Pennsylvania
town. The cargo contains some toxic chemicals that seep into the water supply. The town doesn't
discover this until it's too late. Anyone who has been drinking the water has slowly becoming mad
crazy and start killing anyone they can. Firefighter David and his wife Judy have not become
infected cause they have had any of the water must now do what they can to survive. They try to
find other survivors along the way. The government eventually comes in and quarantines the town.
They have been killing anyone they believe that has been infected and in the end wipes out the
whole town. This was a cool flick, but some of the sound was really annoying. This is one of those
film that I only enjoyed the story, but actually prefer the remake over the original.