Starring: Jaimie King, James Arnold Taylor, Daniel Spink, Heath Freeman & more.

This was originally a TV mini series on Starz based off the Movie and Comic book of the same name.
These Motion Comics are becoming very popular lately. I have seen a lot of adaptations of other
movies and comics and this is one of the best. The film is about a small town in Iowa who's water
supply gets infected after a small plane carrying toxins crashes and it seeps into the water. The towns
people end up drinking the water and become violently ill. They then turn into psychopaths and do
some unspeakable things to others and themselves. The motion comic is definitely for adults. There is a
lot of violence, vulgar language and gore all through out. Fans of the remake movie in 2010 will enjoy
this a lot. Even if your not into comics or animation most Horror fans will find this very enjoyable!
There is 4 episodes all together that are about fifteen minutes in length each.