Starring: Sean Bean, Maria Bellos, Richard Eflyn, Maurice Roeves, Abigal Stone & more.

While in Wales visiting her husband James, Adèlle tries to fix her relationship with her teenager
daughter Sarah. They see a weird memorial without the plate and with the name "Annwyn" marked,
and the local Dafydd explains that this would be the place where people go after dying in
accordance with the Welsh mythology. The husband keeps fighting with the mother & blames her
for everything that has happened & treats the mother like crap. They go to home that he is
redesigning. Strange things happen & the daughter kills herself in the ocean near the home. The
mother starts seeing a little girl who knows the daughter, but acts very strange. There is a twist in
the end that some what pulls everything together, but leaves some stuff open. Very bizarre & a
little dark, which I liked!!!