Starring: Kate Greenhouse, Bruce McFee, Jeff Seymour, David Calderisi, Trevor Hayes & more.

THE DARK HOURS is not a straight up Horror flick. It is done in a more mystery type film cause it
keeps you guessing all through out. A husband and wife retreat to a cabin get away in the woods. The
wife's sister also comes along for the trip. The wife is a psychiatrist who is visited by an unexpected
visitor. One of her ex patients comes to the cabin with a friend. They eventually show their true colors
and take them all hostage. The ex patient forces his friend to do things to the family. As things progress
and get more escalated some true stuff comes out and the real reason why the ex patient is there gets
revealed. There are some disturbing parts in the film, but nothing to graphic that most Horror fans
couldn't handle. There is a major twist at the end that some people may be able to see coming, but most
won't. I really liked this film a lot, it kind of reminded me of
& THE STRANGERS a little bit.