Starring: Bill Moseley, Nivek Ogre, Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Terrance Zdunich & more.

THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL is the newest film from Terrance Zdunich & the people who brought us
the great film
THE GENETIC OPERA. In this film three lost souls arrive at a carnival in hell run by
the devil himself. The lost souls consists of a kleptomaniac, an obsessed father and a gullible teenager.
They are all there to confront the sins they committed during their lifetimes. This film tries to create the
same experience as their previous film. It does, but in a totally different way. This film is a bit darker
and a little bit more bizarre. There are all sorts of creepy, dark characters, from clowns to other carnival
performers to Lucifer himself. The film is a combination of a Horror / Rock musical. It is a lot of fun
and holds up to
THE GENETIC OPERA, even though the subject matter here is more of what I like,
I still liked
THE GENETIC OPERA a little better. There is a cool cast of characters and actors, with
some returning actors from the first film along with some musicians like Nivek Ogre of
& Shawn "Clown" of SLIPKNOT. This is a cool film for fans of their first film as well as
fans of dark, carnival creepiness to check out!