Starring: Brian Burns, Tamara Czartoryski-Borbon, Dedan Donovan, Ivory Dortch & more.

This movie starts off just like many other Horror movies before it. A group of friends head out to
the woods for a weekend camping trip with lots of beer and drugs. The party weekend starts out
good until an old man warns the kids of a ghost killer in the woods. The friends laugh off the story
and go back to their fun little weekend. Soon things turn bad when one of the friends is killed and
now the rest of them start to fear for their lives. They want to escape, but all their tires have been
sliced and of course none of their cell phones work. They all start to killed off one by one, but
nothing is ever explained or tied up by the end of the flick. This was a low budget film, which I love,
but it was hard to watch with a weak story, dialogue and acting, plus no gore and the nudity wasn't
even worth mentioning. Many other better films out there with similar stories.