Starring: Gordon Currie, Stacy Grant, Phillip Rhys, Myc Agnew, Emmanuelle Vaugier & more.

Mike along with his girlfriend and his friends want to do something special for this Halloween
season. They decide to head to Mike's families cabin home in the woods for a fun filled weekend.
Since it is Halloween they of course have a party and decide that everyone must come dressed as
their worst fear come true. Everyone is having a good time until they get an unexpected guest.
Morty is an wooden mannequin that has ties to ancient Indian roots. He comes to life and decides to
make all their fears a reality. They all die in different ways that reflect what they came dressed as to
the party. This was a bit cheesy in a lot of ways. The acting, story and special effects were all
pretty bad and you couldn't wait for everyone to be killed off. Plus the wooden mannequin was
cheesy and was obvious a person in a rubber suit. Might be worth one viewing, might not.