Starring: Marc Donato, Jascha Washington, Justin Arnold, Whitney Hoy, Travis Tedford & more.

THE FINAL is a kind of revenge film, but done in a different way. The story follows a group of
outcast kids, who have been being picked on, tormented and bullied by the so called "cool" kids in
school. You know, the rich preppy good looking girls and jocks. They continuously pick on them,
push them around and beat them up. They finally go to far and push them to their limit where they
snap. They decide to take matters into their own hands. The cool kids are having a costume party in a
house in the woods. The outcast kids set it up so they are able to knock everyone out and then chain
them all up in a room together. The popular kids are dressed in costumes as well so they don't know
who is doing this to them. They then proceed to pick each of them one by one and torture them in
ways that they tortured the other kids. The kids give little speeches as they do the torturing so they
can figure out who is doing this to them. The film is a low budget film, that could be put in the Horror
genre, but it is more of a suspenseful thriller. There isn't a lot of gore or blood, but there is a lot of
high tension through out the film. It would be like the movies
film has the feel of just about every teen Horror movie, but there is a deeper message here and this
film is done a lot smarter than most of the crap that has been passing as teen Horror movies in the last
10 years or so. Check this film out and keep an open mind. If your looking for lots of violence & gore,
then you need to watch a different flick!