Starring: Nick O'Bannon, Shantel Van Santten, Nick Zane, Haley Webb, Mykelti Williamson & more.

This is supposed to be the last film in this franchise. This is the 4th installment & the first one done
in 3-D. A group of friends are at a race track watching the race when one of the guys has a
premonition of a car wreck on the track that ends up in the stands & kills some people. He sees
everyone panicking to get out causing more chaos & death. He then tries to get everyone to leave as
the accident actually happens. The survivors feel they have escaped death, but they soon find out
they are wrong. There is a bunch of bizarre deaths that each of the survivors falls victims to. The
story was a little weak, but the deaths were really cool as usual. The 3-D aspect worked in some
areas, but others was kind of pointless. It's worth checking out if your into the other films.