Starring: Frank Kress, Amy Farrell, Hedda Lubin, Henny Youngman, Russ Badger & more.

This classic Gore fest comes to us from the godfather of Gore, Herschel Gordan Lewis. When this film
was originally released it actually received an X rating. The film is also known as
The film follows the trail of a sadistic killer who is killing off all the girls in a strip club. He kills them
off in some inventive and unimaginable ways. A young news reporter and a private eye are on the case.
This film has so much gratuitous Gore, Blood and nudity. The killer mostly follows the strippers from
the club and later murders them. There is one scene where the killer uses a meat tenderizer on a girls
butt and beats her to a bloody pulp, then proceeds to cleaver her to the face. There are girls getting their
breasts cut off with scissors, eyes gouged out, faces dunked in deep fryers and lots more. This is low
budget sleaze exploitation at it's best. Anyone who loves Herschel Gordan Lewis Gore mixed with John
Waters sleaze will love this film. It is, in my opinion, the best of Herschel Gordan Lewis' films and one
of the best of the exploitation films that ever came out of the seventies! A must for all Gore fans, who
like a little twisted humor mixed with their Horror!!!