IFC FILMS (2009)

Starring: Dieter Laser, Ashley C Williams, Ashlynn Yennie, Akihiro Kitamura, Andreas Leupold.

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE is one of the movies that I was so anxious to see. I met the 3 people
that make up The Human Centipede at a convention and it made me even more want to see this.
Two American girls are secluded villa that is owned by a Dr. Josef Heiter. His specialty is doing
surgery to separate Siamese twins. He has gone a little crazy and now wants to do the opposite. He
wants attach people together going mouth to anus and having one long digestive system running
through them all to create "The Human Centipede". He traps the two girls along with a Japanese
man and creates his vision. This is one of the most bizarre and crazy films I've ever seen. Even
though it is a low budget film it is done extremely well, from the writing, acting, the way it was
filmed and all the SFX & make up. This is a must for every person who loves Horror and bizarre
cinema. This would defiantly be one of the most horrific things that could be done to someone. I
loved it!