Starring: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis, George Riddle, Lena Dunham & more.

The Yankee Pedlar Inn is in it's final days before it closes, when two of it's employees want to find
out if the legends of the place are real. The inn is supposed to be haunted with the spirit of Madeline
O'Malley, a woman who hung herself after her fiancée stood her up on her wedding night. Ever since
then guest have said they have seen and heard the ghost of Madeline O'Malley roaming the halls. The
two remaining innkeepers decide to do their own investigating. The other strange thing is that they have
been getting old guest checking in for the last night of the inn being open. The film was directed by Ti
West, who did
HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. The film builds up a lot of suspense and tension, but it is not
that scary. The film is more creepy in spots and keeps you guessing all the way through the film and
even leaves a lot of questions at the end. I think this was done intentional and was to be left open to the
viewers interpretation. This is also one of the things Ti West has a tendency to do in his films, which is
another reason why I think it was done intentional. If you like films that just keep building and building
tension, then you'll love this film. If your looking for a lot of gore and scares then you might want to
pass this one up. I a fan of all genres of Horror and thought this film was done right, because it kept me
watching and had me intrigued to see what would happen next.