Starring: Jung Suh, Yoosuk Kim, Sung Hee Park, Jae-Heyeon Jo, Hane Seon Jeing & more.

This was a pretty odd film. A young woman runs a fishing shop on the lake, where people can
rent these little huts that float on the water & go a live there for as long as they want. She provides
them with food, drink & even sex. She sleeps with all of them, but really only wants the one guy.
This man is a cop & keeps thinking of committing suicide for something he did. Some of the other
men get some prostitutes to come have fun with them. The female running the place doesn't like
this & she kills the prostitutes & their pimp. Once the cops find out, they come searching for her,
but she escapes. There are some bizarre things that happen in this film. It's kind of slow, but
worth watching for the few strange parts!!!