Starring: Marina Pierro, Francoise Blanchard, Mike Marshal, Carina Balone, Fanny Magier & more.

A deceased girl comes back to life after an earthquake unearths her tomb and it is also exposed by
toxic chemicals. She then emerges from her tomb and once again walks the earth. She hungers for
flesh and blood and roam the earth to satisfy her needs. She is also in search of her childhood friend
and blood sister Helene. She eventually finds her and they return to Helene's mansion. She wants to
help her friend so she decides to lure people back to her home. She heads down in town and snags
tourist to come back and see her home for her friend to feast upon. This is a French Horror flick that
is a bit slow moving at times, but is still good enough to into these types of films then you'll want
to check this one out