Starring: Emily Foxler, Nick Mennell, Marc Bacher, Brianna Brown, Hadley Fraser & more.

A group of five friends are out on a pleasure cruise on a yacht. They run up on some rocks and the boat
runs a shore on a mysterious island. There on the island the rest of the people who survived the crash,
now must try to survive on the island. They search the island for any signs of life. They do come across
some signs of civilization.  The creatures they come in contact with are cannibals who will do what they
can to kill these people. The creatures almost look like the creatures from
PREDATOR. This was a
very cool film, that plays of as a Sci-Fi film in the vein of
PREDATOR as well. Many Horror fans will
dig this film, even though it's not a Horror fan. The creatures were very detailed and cool, with a tribal