Starring: Aimee Brooks, Reggie Bannister, Weston Blakesley, Scott Speiser, Julianna Dover & more.

This is the third installment in the
MANGLER series. This sequel is much better than the second one
and was just as enjoyable to watch as the original. A man who was obsessed with the original machines
powers, scraps the machine to build a different machine. Everything backfires on the man when the new
machine eats him. Now the machine hungers for new blood and sets out to get it. Once the machine
spits him back out it must seek new blood to keep his blood from decomposing. There is a lot of blood
and gore in this film, some of the death scenes are very violent and some are almost comical. If your a
fan of this franchise you will enjoy this installment. You don't really need to see the first two films to be
able to follow this film, but it does help a little bit going into the film, just to know what happened
before this and get the concept right from the start.