Starring: Maurice Lemaitre, Caroline Cartier, Lylestrong, Bernard Musson, Jean Aron & more.

This is a classic French Horror flick from the seventies about vampires. It is an erotic vampire tale
about Pierre a wealthy hedonist who learns that his scientist father, George is carrying out
experiments to unlock the secret of immortality. He also discovers that his father is in a league with
a ritualistic society involving vampires and evil alien mutants. This was a decent flick, but a little
slow most of the way through the film. Not much gore, but enough nudity to make up for it. It's not
one of the best foreign Horror flicks from the seventies, but it's definitely not one of the worst. If
your fan of these types of film you'll love this one, but if not, then you won't want to waste your
time with this flick.